You shouldn't have to disrupt your daily work to improve your communication skills.

I offer a range of learning solutions designed to fit YOUR reality: your brand your strategic goals, your work environment, and your clients and customers.

Learn to write more clearly and confidently for your audiences--without wasting time on irrelevant concepts or cookie-cutter templates. 

Coaching enables you to work on your communication skills as you produce real documents and presentations.

Weekly or bi-weekly sessions take place via Zoom, and you receive unlimited email support between sessions.

Coaching packages start at four sessions for $995 plus HST.

Personalized learning

Quickest route to improving the specific skills you need to develop

Flexible scheduling options, including evening appointments

Suitable for individuals or small teams (up to four people)

Customized training enables you to improve team writing skills and cultivate a team culture grounded in clear, considerate communication.


Customized examples and tools make it easy for your team to transfer what they learn directly to daily tasks. Training can also include feedback on real writing the team is producing, provided via coaching or written comments.


Customized training solutions start at $2,500 plus HST.

Can be delivered onsite or virtually (or through a combination of onsite and virtual elements)

Creates a culture of clear, considerate communication

Includes customized tools that enable team members to coach one another

An economical option for teams larger than three or four people

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