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Self-paced training modules will guide you step-by-step as you create your first learning offering, a complete four-module course. At each step along the way, you'll receive personalized feedback on your course design and content through live coaching and written reviews of your work. 


The Course Pilot method works for classroom-based courses, online courses (facilitated or self-paced), and blended offerings (courses that combine in-person and online delivery). The standard program includes:

  • Six training modules provided as short videos, with accompanying worksheets you can use to create your course.

  • Tools and templates for the 10 key steps to designing training that truly connects with the audience and promotes deep learning:

  1.     Decide on the best course format for your audience

  2.     Develop a course brand 

  3.     Identify action-oriented learning outcomes

  4.     Establish a logical course architecture

  5.     Design "Prove it!" assessment activities

  6.     Develop engaging learning activities

  7.     Incorporate powerful examples and strategic repetition

  8.     Integrate guided reflection exercises

  9.     Organize your course content so it's easy to process

  10.     Create learning infographics to improve retention

  • Six virtual coaching sessions (30 minutes each), delivered via video conferencing. The purpose of these sessions is to review your emerging course outline and content. 

  • Written feedback on exercises and content submitted between coaching sessions. 

  • Mid-point and final course evaluation forms you can use to learn from your first participants.

  • Overall assessment of the learning value of your completed course, with suggestions for enhancement.

$2,800 CDN