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Giving a Presentation


Deep expertise comes with a price. The more we know about a subject, the harder it is to find the right words and images to communicate with people who lack our understanding.


You try making your documents more detailed, but readers don’t even bother to read your carefully-crafted explanations. Or you try stripping your ideas and information down to their barest form, and that just seems to create confusion. 


You and your readers both feel frustrated. It takes way too much time and energy to develop shared understanding around a topic. When you fail to bridge the knowledge gap between you and your audience, conflict erupts, deadlines get missed, and important relationships suffer.


As someone with a research background, I understand how tough it is to make documents and learning materials clear and concise, without dumbing down complex concepts.

I’ve learned how to turn the language of explanation into the language of engagement so your message doesn’t just “get through” to your audience. Your concepts and data resonate with readers in a way that builds understanding, trust, and goodwill.

I am pleased to endorse Dawn as a very competent business partner. Her ability to move back and forth between high-level strategic feedback and required detail is excellent. I happily recommend Dawn to you when you are seeking a capable and professional partner for your writing and project development needs.

Patrick Hartling CPA, BComm, MPA, LLB, CPHR, Director of HR for Commissionaires NS