Deep expertise comes with a price. The more we know about something, the harder it is to find the right words and visuals to explain it to someone else.

Bridge the knowledge gap with simple, clear communication that connects with funders, customers, and colleagues. 


Hi! I'm Dawn, and I can help.

As someone with a research background, I cringe when I hear someone talk about "dumbing down" ideas to fit the audience. Clarity should improve accessibility, but never at the expense of accuracy.

The key is to shift from the language of explanation to the language of engagement. When you do that, you communicate in ways that grab the audience's attention, gain their confidence, and earn their trust.

I empower subject matter experts to engage and persuade readers through user-friendly communication that quickly connects with the target audience, wins them over, and spurs them to action.

Bringing clarity to the description of technology and technical training such that value is easily understood by potential customers and stakeholders can be very challenging. 

Venn Innovation has benefitted several times from Dawn’s expertise including the insights that she has brought to the flow of information, the language necessary to bring understanding to the reader, and the identification of the type of information that various stakeholders will need to allow decisions to be made.

Barb Ells, COO, Venn Innovation, Moncton, NB

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